Effects of Negative People

November 2nd, 2008
Posted by christine

Even if you are practicing the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, negative vibes can still become a presence in your thoughts.  It is actually easy to fall back into old thought patterns that can have devastating effects on your mood.  Some people don’t like when things are going well in their lives.  They enjoy a life of drama.  The drama gives them the feeling of purpose.  They now have a situation to solve or a situation to create.  They use the drama to have others feel sorry for them or gain attention to their cause.  Surrounding yourself with people like this can drain your energy. 

They can make you doubt the knowledge and feelings that you have worked hard to create for your life and inner peace.  At times, you may have no choice but to be around people like this.  Maybe they are family members or co-workers.  In this case, your positive energy can turn events. You do not need to use your words to change events.

Utilizing a visualization method of a positive thought works well.  Looking at a picture on your desk or cell phone of a loved one distracts the mind from the negative. Visualizing a happy event that you want to happen or one that has already happened can help clear away negative thoughts.  If you enjoy the physical, go for a long walk outside at lunch or after work.  Take time to look at the stillness of the trees, the beauty of nature, and become apart of it not just an onlooker.  Clear the mind of all noise.  After doing this, you will be better able to refocus your energy on the positive that you deserve to enjoy.

I use these methods often in my profession as a high school Special Education teacher. I also have called upon others that practice the Laws of Attraction and positive thinking for support when the noise in my mind becomes destructive.  Reaching out to others that understand is a great way to refocus the energy and regain inner peace.


3 Responses to “Effects of Negative People”

  1. Michael Szymanski

    So that is why people have pictures around their desk of people or animals they love. What a lovely insight about reality and dealing with negativism.

  2. Steve Ambielli

    I don’t even have one picture on my desk at work. I really need to decorate my desk with photos. Fantastic article Christine.

  3. BA

    Christine, nice words; but it is not just ‘positive thinking’ or psychology that gives us a peace. It is about A PERSON…that person who wishes to live IN us as we ‘give to Him’ our ‘life’ (Luke Chap. 9 verse 23 – 24)

    Also for reflection: without HIM we can do NOTHING! Not one thing.

    It’s about ‘the Spirit’ that lives, moves, and has being within. What makes someone live positively? Is someone ‘a negative thinker’ who has been wounded by ‘the world’ …actually, I don’t think so. I think one’s ‘vibes’ given off is a ‘self defensiveness’ that comes from trusting the mere human and being ‘hurt’ or ‘betrayed’

    Is it wrong to be ‘self defensive?’ Well…if one is always with all people…yes, it is wrong. But – God didn’t make us to be fools…I think if a child burns his hand on a hot stove – that child is going to have a ‘self protective’ feeling if he see’s a stove again, or if a child gets bit by a big dog…it could color the child’s outlook on dogs. (rightly or wrongly) Is the child or adult with a wound a negative person or a hurt person because they want to talk about what they are feeling to someone ‘they think’ will listen.

    It’s not just ‘thinking positively’ that takes away the ‘negative’ feelings…it’s A PERSON…a person who was stuck with spears, crowned with thorns, whipped, mocked and spat at. It is when we ‘give our wounds of human living’ to Him (for those who understand, the word is Catholic sacrificial Mass) that we ‘gain His strength and life in us’ “By His wounds we are healed” 1st Peter Chap 2 I believe you’ll find the verse.

    Yes…that’s the key to over-coming the negative (not denying that negative qualities (bad and evil) exist in a la de da way…it’s about living IN AND THROUGH ‘THE TRUTH’ … The Way, The Truth, and The Life…to know the truth of ourself…and give it ‘to him’ (our weaknesses) and in exchange He provides us His Life…it is a LIFETIME transforming ‘process’ … and when He is part of us…we on’t run from those who feel ‘down’ we ‘build them up’ (or rather not ‘me’ but HIM who dwells in me…and that only gives us more
    ‘go(o)d feeling’

    Now…if one encounters ‘negative BAD’ persons…who have nothing to say of the good or of God…by all means … run don’t walk to the nearest exit…DO NOT GET PULLED DOWN to ‘their darkness’ … WALK IN HIS LIGHT…and TRUTH…

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